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Job Name: Memory circuit design Leader/Manager(Number:



1) Lead other memory Engineers in a team to meet the company's objectives;
2) Design Ternary Content Addressable Memory(TCAM) circuits at 40nm/90nm process node, including TCAM cell, control logic, match sense amplifier, read sense amplifier, decoding encoding circuits design & simulation.
3) Extract the TCAM IP behavior model; verify the function of the TCAM in whole chip code.
4) Work closely with layout engineer, provide layout guide line, and check the layout quality.

1. Good knowledge regarding CMOS circuit & layout design.
2. Experience of high speed circuit design with deep submicron process.
3. 6+ years Experience of circuit design, 2+ years sram circuit design.
4. Familiar with hspice, hsim and virtuoso
5. Self motivated, good communication skill and team work spirit.